Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sick + IBS = Ick but skinnier

IBS and the Gold's Gym Challenge
Post #13
Week 3, day 4 and 5

Yesterday I went to the gym at 4:30am and had a kick butt workout. I was sad that the scale had gone up since hitting 167 but remembering that my pants fit better helped. At work, somewhere around 10am I started to feel nauseous and knowing that a stomach virus is going around our school started to worry. Then I thought, it could just be my IBS. What have I eaten lately? Anything adventurous? There was that oyster, but that was 2 days ago. Could the spaghetti sauce last night have been bad? Nope, pretty fresh, and husband ate it too and he's fine. That doesn't mean its not that... duh, you have IBS. Finally after throwing up, I concluded that I most likely have a virus and am not suffering an IBS attack by itself.

I went home from work and my fever went up and I was sick for hours. After the vomiting ended, the IBS took over. See, anytime you have an anomaly with digestion, it is compounded by the IBS. I can't tell where the virus stops (and I am not contagious any more) and where my IBS symptoms begin (and I can try to be around people.) Even right now, I am not sure if my headache and frequent bathroom trips are due to the IBS or the virus. It doesn't really matter except that I don't want to give others my sickness so I end up missing more of life to be on the safe side.

My favorite pic of me at 151

Now I'm bummed because I want to go to the gym but I feel awful and certainly can't work out. I haven't been able to eat much of anything either so I guess it balances out. I will hopefully be feeling better soon and able to get back in to routine.

I tried to go back this morning (day after) and wasn't able to do much. My system is still unstable though my fever and chills are gone at the moment. I weighed myself and I'm now down 10 lbs to 166. Hopefully none of that is muscle mass since I only missed 2 workouts (1 day). Hopefully I'll be able to work out this evening and keep the momentum going in the "ahem" right direction. Comments about sickness weightloss? IBS-Ds or swingers?

Monday, February 27, 2012

The good, the bad, and the ugly of IBS-C and life

IBS and the Gold's Gym Challenge
Post #12 - Week 3, day 2

The Good

Keith and I outside the West Wing
 This week was my birthday. That is why I neglected my blog for a while. I was too busy having a great time. We went roller skating and I stayed active this week only missing 3 workouts counting both am and pm as 1. Only one 24 hr period passed without the gym but it involved roller skating instead. I feel better, my clothes fit better, and I am getting more fit. I got to tour the west wing of the white house and I wore my "jackie o" dress that is normally really tight but it was loose in the back and looked great on me :)

The Bad
My souvenier from the west wing
I changed the tp roll. Weight 172lbs
I drank too much in the last few days and just broke even on calories. Between birthday celebrations, traveling for work, and other things that made me eat the foods of convenience or celebration I gained just a little weight though I didn't notice a change in the way clothing fit or the way my body looked. Its still 5 lbs down from the orginial weight but not where I should be. I allowed myself a little bit of leeway with the rules and it didn't do me any favors, that's for sure. With IBS if you cheat on food or bend the rules, you can pay in the form of pain, bloating, constipation, vomiting, weight gain, and depression. Somehow its still hard to remember this when staring at a plate of cheese fries or a slice of coconut cake.

The Ugly
I went less than 24 hours with the medications I am on for the fibromyalsia, IBS, and depression and I was borderline suicidal. These meds are dangerous and it served as a big reminder that I need to think of my health as one of the most important things to ensure I can still help others. I also realized how expensive it is to eat healthy. I ate entrees of fish, chicken, and veggies as opposed to sandwiches and fast food whenever eating at a restaurant and bought fresh foods for home and the office so I wouldn't be tempted by vending machines and other quick fixes. My food budget was nearly double what it should have been as a result. Curbing this while still making good choices is going to be a real challenge for my family.

Where to go from here? Here are my new improved rules for myself.

1. I will eat only when hungry
2. Carbs are fuel for workouts only, never any other time
3. NO MORE SODA. This one is hardest for some reason...
4. Cookies and other sweets can be frozen, don't keep them at work (girl scouts, yinz are killin me!)
5. No more than 350 calories per meal-4 to 6 times a day
6. Never more than 1500 calories, no matter what
7. Workouts need to be intense no matter the time of day
8. Something is better than nothing when it comes to the gym
9. Nothing is better than just anything when it comes to food
10. Alcohol is off limits. Stop giving into wine with steak, etc.
11. Veggies are your best friend.
12. Fresh instead of packaged as much as possible
13. Don't stockpile, plan time to get food when you need it. When you can't, just wait.
14. Don't beat yourself up, but remind yourself what you are trying to do.

This is a challenge and it will be difficult from time to time. If it were easy to get skinny, everyone would do it right now. It takes work, dedication, and a will to succeed. You have these things. Stick to it and do better than people expect of you. People can be demotivational without meaning to do so. We want our friends to be happy and so people will give you "permission" to have things like cake on your birthday or fries when everyone else is eating them. This is partly so they don't have the guilt for having them either. Be strong

Hot family :) I'm the one on the left at 154lbs

Monday, February 20, 2012

What Makes Weight Loss Different With IBS-C

IBS and the Gold's Gym Challenge
Post #11- Week 3, Day 2

I realized I was being very positive with everyone on my blog here and thought today I would take a moment to be real about what I have gone through with IBS and this challenge for the last two weeks. I have had weight fluctuations up to three and a half pounds within a single day due to water retention and constipation. The scale has gone down 9.5 lbs total and this is what I have been reporting. I should tell you when I get on the scale in the morning after I've made a diet "mistake" and it reads 170 and then after I go to the bathroom it says 167. I have had to take a water pill and milk of magnesia every time I have had alcohol or carbonation, even a little. This time it took two days to kick in. Giving up soda and alcohol at the same time is very hard especially when I am trying to be social and/or celebrate with my friends. At the super bowl, I avoided beer by staying in. Many times I have successfully avoided soda and alcohol but many times the choice is one or the other or water. I have been trying to choose water consistently but it has been a struggle for me. I drink water constantly during the work day, but in my off time, I tend to want something with flavor. I'll keep working on it...

The working out has been consistent as has my intake of vegetables. After Dave's post, I found a renewed reason to avoid grains and carbs except to fuel my workouts. My husband got free pizza today from papa john's and we get it without cheese so its not terrible. But right after I ate it, I did an hour long run/hill walk to use up that energy. It was one of the best work outs I've had in a while. My trainer was the one who said I need to fuel my workouts better and then I read the same thing in shape magazine so I am going to try to keep that in mind as I try to break the 167 plateau.
One Month and 9.5 lbs Ago

7:30am Wake up
8:30am Greek Yogurt
10:00am Body Pump
11:15am Pizza with no cheese, chicken, pineapple, and onions
11:45am 1 Hour Run/Hill Walk
2:00pm Chips and Salsa
3:00pm Nap
6:00pm Red Snapper on Salad
9:30pm Granola Bar

Calorie intake for today was, calorie burn was. Morning weigh in 167.6 (after milk of magnesia finally kicked in at 7am.)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chosing Strength

IBS and the Gold's Gym Challenge
Post #10 Week 3, day 1

Strength!! GRR!!
All people have moments of strength and weakness and we are all trying to have more strength than weakness. This weekend I forgot how persistent weakness is. Today I remembered that I am in control and every moment is a new opportunity to choose strength. I chose strength when I went to body pump and zumba. I chose strength when I went up on a few of my weights, I chose strength in my form, I chose strength with each good food and beverage choice. Our true strength lies in acknowledging our weakness, knowing that it will always be there, and choosing strength instead.

I realized weakness tends to win when I get sudden curve balls. The weakness yesterday was due to a change in plans that made me upset and the weakness (fries) today was when I found out the "asian slaw" had mayo in it and I DO NOT eat eggs. They make me incredibly sick so I had to pick another option and I just fell into auto pilot and said fries instead of making the waitress list my options or take 20 seconds to find them in the menu. At least I had the strength to not eat the rice and I only had about 1/4 of the fries. I need to remind myself that I am worth the extra consideration! Right now I could feel a lot less bloated and more full if I had taken that time.

7:30am Wake up
9am Body Pump
10am Greek Yogurt with protein powder
11:45am Zumba
1:00pm  Ahi Tuna steak with fries and crab/vegetable soup (not cream based, Maryland style)
6:00pm Spinach salad with sauteed zucchini, mushrooms, onions, and brussel sprouts
9-11:30pm Karaoke time!-water and small watered down sprite (they were out of diet drinks!)
12am Small Chili from Wendy's

I coulda had all sorts of bad foods and beverages today but I made good compromises. Holding steady at 167.

Substitution vs Denial

IBS and the Gold's Gym 12 week challenge
Post #9-Week 2, days 6 and 7

When I started this challenge I was denying myself alcohol, soda, sweets, and most carbs. The carbs was the first to go as I needed more energy to fuel my workouts. I am still trying to only eat them pre-workout and one meal a day. Soda was the second I cheated on, mostly to avoid the temptation of having a beer or glass of wine with dinner. Eventually I realized that I could have a glass with dinner and still be way under my calorie count so I stopped denying that as well. I came to the realization that in order to have sustainable weight loss, it needs to be ok to cheat with in reason. I'm still going to try to stick to the rules but I won't beat myself up if I slip a little, especially with diet soda or whole wheat pasta before or after a hard workout. 

Now allowing myself a little, has swung me back into my old ways a little. Drinking too many calories and then losing inhibition with food. I'm still with in my calorie burn for each day, but can do much better. As they say, complete denial can lead to binging. I will need to find the mental discipline to stay on track. This is where IBS can actually HELP. Yes, I said IBS helps. Completely messed up I know. I have learned with IBS when craving a trigger food to look at it and imagine what I will feel like after eating it and then think about a similar food that doesn't give me a negative reaction and eat that instead. I need to do this with carbonated beverages. I haven't had beer since starting the challenge since it makes me a whole lot sicker than wine or liquor. I need to cut out soda and find non-alcoholic beverages that are low calorie and don't have carbonation. I substituted carbonated water for a while, but with IBS the saying is "Bubbles in = Bubbles out" and this is very true in my case. At home I can sub in crystal light or other diet drink but its out and about that is hard. I should just drink water, but sometimes I want a flavor. Darn your brainwashing America. ;) Maybe I'll learn to like ice tea without sweetener. ;)
Fun hats in Orlando.
Don't take yourself too seriously. Live. 

5:00am Workout - Circuit training, heavy cardio
6:15 am Protein smoothie
12:45pm Chicken Biryani (finally at the last left over of this!)
4:30pm Shrimp with Lemon Orzo
4-10pm a Bottle of Champagne
9:00pm Slice of Coconut cake (argh!)

9am Body Pump
10am Zumba
11:15am Pulled Chicken BBQ with diet coke
3:30pm Sabzi (vegan) salad with baked falafel
7:00-10pm Wine and sushi

On Saturday morning I still weighed 167. Let's see if I at least maintained. My burn was at least 200 calories higher than my consumption, but with IBS-C that can be too close... My plan today is several hours at the gym or going skiing. We'll see what I weigh and I'll get back to you. Feel free to post comments about motivation you use or tips for diet for me and all the other readers!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fatigue-Victory and Defeat Post #8

IBS and the Gold's Gym 12 week challenge
Post #8, Week 2, day 5

Fatigue is a funny thing. When it hits you can do one of many things...

1. Eat something for energy
2. Take a nap
3. Take caffeine
4. Do something active to get your blood going

So what do you do when you try all of these and you still feel like you could sleep for a week? As my husband says, "rinse and repeat." It all hit me around 3pm. I nearly fell asleep driving home from work. I started to combat it with some food which helped for a millisecond and then I got sleepy. I tried napping but I had anxiety filled dreams and woke up exhausted and upset. I decided to take a walk and clear my head and stopped to get some coffee. I was still quite tired and couldn't fathom the gym at that point so I decided have some light dinner around 7pm and then when all else failed, I worked out. I'm still tired but less anxious and I'm ready to "rinse and repeat" tomorrow and see if I feel any better. I am still adjusting to the new medications for depression and IBS so I'm not surprised by today. I'm just hoping its not a trend as I thought I finally found a balance that works. Only time will tell...

5:00am - 1hr cardio w/ light strength training in circuit
6:15am- Vegan Protein Shake
8:00am- Organic Greek Yogurt
10:00am - Organic Peanut Butter Puffins Cereal (snack)
12:30pm - Spinach Salad with Chicken and Veggies
3:00pm - Homemade steak sandwich (bread and steak only)
4:00pm Nap
5:00pm Skinny Soy Latte
7:00pm - Potato Gnocchi and marinara sauce
9:00pm 20 min Jog

Weight back to 167. Down 9 lbs and 2.5% body fat. Calories in @1500 calories out 2400.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bittersweet-Week 2, Day 4

IBS and the Gold's Gym 12 Week Challenge
Post #7- Week 2, Day 4

Today is bittersweet as I found out I am doing very well but I also had my last included session with my personal trainer. The good news is I have lost 6.5 lbs of PURE body fat and have lowered my body fat percentage by 2.5% in just 10 days. The bad news is that Chauncy is fantastic and I would love to pay to work out with him again, but I can't afford it at least until the next month's budget. He kicked my butt today and I noticed I am much stronger and nimble than when we started. He has been so supportive and helpful, I would really like to have his support through the process.
My Trainer - Chauncy 

The whole experience so far has made me think about perception and the human experience of weight loss. I had perceived that I was doing well with the challenge and have had a more positive body image than before I started this, but I had a hard time with the fact the scale would go down then back up a little. Every time I "gained" I had the perception that I was failing, slipping, or backsliding even though my clothes were fitting better and I was happy with the way I looked in the mirror and the way I was feeling. I suspect that I am not done feeling this disconnect between the statistics and perception. I am a little disappointed that I am so "normal" in that regard and hope that I can learn to not take the statistics so seriously but at the same time, not ignore it completely so I don't gain back the weight this time or the fitness level I am building. Anybody got a secret for that?!? :) I have every confidence I will get my best body back through this challenge. I am determined, I have time to devote to it, and I have the support of so many friends, family, and blog followers. It will be when the official challenge ends that my real challenge will to continue watching calories, working out regularly during my busiest times, and not letting my social life derail my efforts. I look forward to all the challenges ahead and welcome feedback and comments from anyone at any stage.

5:00am 40 min running, 20 min lifting
6:15am Protein Shake (Nutribiotic Vegan Rice Protein, available at vitamin shoppe)
9:00am Greek Yogurt
12:00pm Mediterranian Salmon Salad (Panera Bread) No olives, 1/2 salmon, no dressing
3:15pm 1/2 a sushi pack from Harris Teeter with brown rice
4:30pm Workout with trainer (circuit training)
5:00pm 3/4 of Body Pump
6:00pm Two chicken soft tacos
9:00pm Bed